What excites me about eCommerce

There was a time when opening a business took years and deep pockets. From business applications, to business financing, purchasing or renting a unit, paying for inventory, investing in marketing, looking for investors only to lose money for the first [seemingly endless] amount of time...

But all of that has changed.

Ecommerce is completely changing the way we do business and in my opinion will continue to do so. There is something magical when a creator has an idea, and brings that idea to life and sells it to other's who value the creator's creation. Amazing how years of time and effort to get to your first sale can happen in the matter of a few hours if you do it right. I think that is what excites me the most. To see the types of worlds eCommerce continues to capture, grow and add value to.

I think eCommerce is brings this opportunity to everyone, not just a select few who can afford to give to the time, money and energy it takes to build a business. It leaves success entirely in the hands of those who wish to take it. Ecommerce is more than selling sh*t online. It is about creating a new world of commerce, a new way that we do business. A new way that people make money and change their standard of life. A new generation of successful entrepreneurs, world leaders and creators. 

What excites me the most about eCommerce is what is yet to come!